DS-1273ZJ-130-TRL Wall Mount Bracket Outdoor For Hikvision IP Camera DS-2CD2332-I

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Hikvision DS-1273ZJ-130-TRL Wall Mount Bracket for Hikvision Cameras

  • Made of Metal and Aluminum Alloy, with a surface spray treatment
  • Indoor/Outdoor Wall Mount
  • Must be installed on a flat wall
  • Wall must be capable of supporting over 3 times as much as the total weight of the camera and the mount
  • Compatible with the following Hikvision cameras: DS-2CD23x2FWD-IS, DS-2CD23x5FWD-I, DS-2CD23x2xx-I, DS-2CE56C5T-IT1, DS-2CE56C5T-VFIT3, DS-2CE56D5T-IR3Z, DS-2CE56D5T-IT3, DS-2CE56D5T-VFIT3, DS-2CE56D7T-IT3Z, DS-2CE56F7T-IT3Z

This Wall Bracket Mount is perfect for hiding your CCTV connection cables, it provides excellent protection, and it is also weather resistant. Used widely for Indoor, outdoor environments, residential areas, companies, and other public places.

Hikvision DS-1273ZJ-130-TRL WMS WML PC130T Powder Coated aluminum Wall Bracket for Turret Dome Cameras

The Hikvision DS-1273ZJ-130-TRL provides the most effective wall mounting solution for turret cameras. Turret cameras, when mounted sideways on walls, often suffer from rain droplets running down the lens glass resulting in poor image quality and reduced infrared range.

Camera mounting brackets and bases also provide protection to the cable fly lead and connectors on the camera, minimizing the risk of water ingress and unwanted tampering.

Suitable for the following range of Hikvision cameras:
DS-2CE5582P(N)-VFIR3,DS-2CE55A2P(N)-VFIR3, DS-2CE55C2P(N)-VFIR3, DS-2CC5282P-IT3,
DS-2CC52A2P-IT3, DS-2CC5X2P(N)-IR1(IR3), DS-2CC51X2P(N)-IR1T(IR3T), DS-2CC5182DP-IR1(IR3),
DS-2CC51X2P(N)-IR1(IR3), DS-2CD2312-I,DS-2CD2332-I