Welcome to our support/FAQ section.  Here you will find various links and files that may help with problems that could arise during the installation/maintenance of your Amsecu/Hikvision products.  




Video Guides:

How to add 3rd party cameras to Hikvision NVR

How to access IP camera's through the virtual host setting of the NVR

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How to Install the Web Plugin for Safari for use on Hikvision DVRs on your Mac OS Tutorial

Link to download the Safari Web Plugin for Mac


Written Articles/Guides:

Online/Forum Guides:

Hik-Connect Setup Guide

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PDF Guides:

HiDDNS -> Hik-Connect Migration

Hik-Connect App

Hik-Connect Setup

Hik-Connect Share Function

Hikvision 3rd Party Camera List

Hikvision Activation

Hikvision HDD Compatibility List

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TFTP Automatic Update Tool


Word Doc Guides:

NVR Firmware Upgrade Instructions

Port Forwarding your NVR

Email notifications instructions


Connect Cameras using ONVIF

IVMS_4200 Software Link


JPEG Guides:

Turn off NVR beeping

IVMS-4200 Firmware Upgrade

NVR Router Diagram

NVR Connection Setup





AmSecu Password Reset guide

AmSecu IPC user manual

AmSecu NVR user manual

RXCamView Guide

Surveillance Client

CMS Manual

iPhone Manual

AmSecu WiFi NVR Kit Guide 1

AmSecu WiFi NVR Kit Guide 2

AmSecu All in One Wifi NVR Kit Guide



AmSecu Device Config Tool

EseeCloud 1.1.3 APK (Android)

IP Pro 1.2.3 APK (Android)

CMS (RAR file for PC)






Q: Do I need to forward ports for remote viewing?
A: Yes, port forwarding is necessary.

Q: Can I view the camera feed on my phone or PC?
A: Yes, remote viewing is supported through the RxCamView app, Hik-Connect software, or IVMS 4500.

Q: What cameras does this NVR support?
A: Any ONVIF compliant camera will work in these NVRs.

Q: How many SATA drives can I install?
A: Each NVR can support up to 2 SATA drives, with one working as redundant. 

Q: What is the maximum distance for PoE cable?
A: In case of using CAT5e cable, 100m (333ft) is the maximum distance between the two PoE devices.

Q: Is this NVR the USA or Chinese version?
A: They are all made in China.  This is the English International version.

Q: Can you display separate cameras on the VGA and HDMI?
A: Yes, the VGA and HDMI are separate outputs.  

Q: Can I update the firmware for this NVR? 
A: Yes, please contact us through support and we will send you all the necessary update files.

Q: If I add another PoE switch, can I have more than 16 cameras on the NVR?
A: No, each NVR has a specific camera capacity (4, 8, 16).

Q: Can I use wireless IP cams instead of the PoE IP cams?
A: Yes, you need to assign their IP addresses on the channels of the NVR as long as they're Hikvision and ONVIF compliant.

Q: What is the default password for the NVR?
A: You create your password when you power on the NVR for the first time.  Otherwise, some models had a default password of "12345"

Q: Can I plug in a USB drive to record instead of a hard drive?
A: Hard drive is necessary for recording.  USB can be used to download clips.

Q: What firmware version is the NVR running?  Can I update it?
A: The NVR comes with the very latest firmware installed and we can help with any future updates. 

Q: What video format does this record as?  
A: This NVR outputs as MPEG video.

Q: Can you crop a certain segment of video?
A: The NVR records in 100MB segments for easy transfer.

Q: How can I save a video clip from the NVR?  
A: You can access the videos directly and download them through USB from the NVR or access it through web interface and download from there.  

Q: Does this support cloud recording?
A: Yes, it also supports hard disk recording.

Q: If my router does not allow port forwarding, how can I access remote viewing?
A: You unfortunately cannot without port forwarding.  If your router definitely cannot port forward, you will need to purchase a new one that can.  

Q: Can this NVR unit directly control infrared functions on Hikvision brand cameras?
A: No, it can adjust brightness, but it cannot adjust IR.

Q: Is this NVR compatible with SSD hard drives? 
A: Yes, any drive with a SATA connection will work.

Q: Is an Internet connection necessary for the recording function of the NVR?
A: Unfortunately yes, an Internet connection must be available for recording.

Q: Does this NVR have push notifications for smart devices?
A: Yes.

Q: Does this NVR support email notification for motion detection?
A: Yes.

Q: Is this unit rack mountable?
A: Yes it can be mounted on a rack, but does not come with the necessary brackets to do so.  You would need to purchase them separately.




Q: What wattage PoE switch would I need to power these cameras?
A: The cameras operate at a maximum of 5 watts per camera so 5 * X would be the equation, with X being the total number of cameras.