Summary: This video will go over how to setup your Hikvision Network Video Recorder from the first power up as well as connecting the system to your Mobile Device for viewing on the go, Motion Detection, Re-Naming the cameras, and much more! Thank you to "DIY Journey" for producing this comprehensive walkthrough video.

  • First Setup Wizard Walkthrough 9:42-15:40
  • Menu Walkthrough 15:41-16:17
  • Basic Camera Setup (New Hikvision Cameras) 16:17-18:48
  • Motion Detection & Notifications 18:48-19:48
  • Monitor Display Settings 21:24-21:40
  • Mobile Phone Setup 21:41-24:12


Hikvision Network Video Recorder Setup Wizard Walkthrough- WRITTEN GUIDE

Summary: This guide will walk you through the process of setting up your new Hikvision NVR system using the initial setup wizard.

  • Language Selection
  • Activation & IP Camera Activation
  • Time Settings
  • Network Settings Walkthrough
  • Formatting the Hard Drive
  • Recording Settings



Find yourself somewhere in your house with enough space to set up your entire system and ensure it works before mounting the cameras in position.


1). Do NOT plug your cameras into the system yet.
2). Power on the NVR using the provided power adapter and connect your monitor into the HDMI or VGA port on the back of the NVR.



    3). Once the NVR has started up for the first time, you will be greeted by the Activation Menu. Here you will create a password for the NVR. We recommend leaving the User Name as “admin”.

    4). In the IP Camera Activation section, you will need to enter a password that the NVR will assign to each camera plugged into the NVR. Each new inactive individual camera will be Activated with this password automatically.

      NOTE: Please write down these 2 passwords in a secure location for future reference.


      5). After creating your password you will be prompted to Export a GUID file. This step is optional, to skip simply click “No”



        6). Finally you will be asked to set an Unlock Pattern, once set this can be used as an alternative to the password. Click and draga line across at least 4 dots before repeating the same pattern to confirm.

          STEP 2: SETUP WIZARD

          After creating your unlock pattern the setup wizard will start. This is the easiest way to set up the basic functions of the NVR so we will follow the setup wizard through from here.

          1). First choose your desired language and press Apply.

          2). If you wish to see the wizard each time then leave the Start Wizard When Device Starts box ticked, if you do not wish to see the wizard again then untick the box and then press Apply.

          3). If the time displayed is not correct it can be updated here. Click on the box for the relevant piece of information and it will allow you to input a new date & time or change time zone or date format.

          4). The next screen is for your network settings. The simplest option here is to tick the Enable DHCP box which will instruct your NVR to automatically assign itself the correct settings for your network. If you are more confident with networking you are able to manually assign network settings however for most users Enable DHCP is sufficient.


          5). Next is the Remote Viewing/Mobile Viewing setup. Enable this if you would like to be able to view your cameras on either a phone or tablet. Tick the Enable box and create a Verification Code and accept the Hik-Connect Service Terms. If you do not wish to connect the system to the internet, skip this step.


          Create a verification code using only numbers and letters, then make sure to tick the terms and conditions box before pressing OK.

          (After you have finished all steps of the Setup Wizard, download the Hik-Connect application on your phone and create an account. Next, on your NVR, head over to Menu>Configuration>Network>Platform Access, and scan the QR code on the screen with your Hik-Connect App.)

          iPhone/iPad - Download the Hik-Connect app from the app store.

          Android - Download the Hik-Connect app from


          6). The next page will show you more network settings. These relate to more advanced methods for viewing the system remotely however for most users this can all be ignored so simply click Next.


          7). If you do not have a Hard Drive installed in your NVR the next page can be skipped. If you have got a Hard Drive installed you will need to select your Hard Drive by ticking the box to the left of the device and then click Init. You will see the Status change to Initializing, wait until the status shows Normal and then press Next.



          8). On the next page you will be presented with a list of all IP cameras that are on your network. If you have cameras that are already installed that you wish to add to the system you can select them from this list and press Add which will add them to your NVR. You will need to know the password for any cameras you add at this point.


          9). The final step on the wizard allows you to set some basic recording settings. If you would like your cameras to be recording all the time click the cog icon next to Continuous, if you would like them to only record when something moves in front of them you can press the cog icon next to Motion Detection.


          10). Press Finish and you will be returned to the home page of the NVR. You may now connect your New Inactive Cameras.



          Hikvision Cameras are not connecting - This may be due to the cameras being password protected with a password different than the one set in step 1 "IP Camera Activation".

          To confirm this, head over to Menu>Camera and click the status icon of the port the camera not connecting is plugged into. This will display an error which describes the issue with the camera.

          *D1 = Port 1, D16 = Port 16, etc...

          Fix 1: The camera must be password reset. This can be accomplished by contacting the seller/distributor which you purchased the cameras from.

          Fix 2: The camera must be factory reset. This can sometimes be accomplished by the reset button inside the camera on the motherboard (Domes) or outside of the camera (Bullets & Turrets)

          Steps to factory reset the camera with the reset button:

          1). Disconnect the camera from power.

          2). Hold down the reset button

          3). Connect the camera to power

          4). Continue holding the reset button down for 15 seconds & release

          After this, the Hikvision camera will boot up after 60 seconds and Plug & Play with the Hikvision Video Recorder if connected to it.

          Cameras are displaying "Stream Unsupported" - This may be due to the cameras being set to H265 compression on a video recorder that does not support H265. 

          Fix: Using the provided mouse. Right Click anywhere and head over to Menu>Record>Parameters. Using the drop down menu labeled "Camera", select the affected camera and set the "Video Encoding" to "H.264" if set to H.265. Next, click "Sub-Stream" at the top of the screen and ensure that the camera is set to H.264 here as well.

          Video Recorder constantly "Beeping" - This occurs when the Hard Drive has not been initialized/Formatted and can also occur when there is no Hard Drive in the video recorder.

          Fix: To format the Hard Drive or check to see if one has been installed, head over to Menu>HDD. In the table you should see a hard drive with the capacity, status and free space. Checkmark the Hard Drive and click "Init" to format/initialize the hard drive and stop the beeping.

          Are you still having problems? If you are unable to find information on anything not covered in this guide, please reach out to our helpful customer support team and we'll try our best to assist you.

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