How to Reset a Hikvision Device Password

Quick Guide

How to reset a Hikvison Camera or NVR's password in 2020


  • *ATTENTION* AmSecu is ONLY able to reset Hikvison Products that you purchased on or through Amazon. Please have your order # ready. 
  • Please keep in mind the device must stay connected and powered on throughout this entire process. Any interruption will cause this process to fail.
  • The files generated in this guide are time-sensitive (24hrs)
  • If at any point during this process you need assistance. Please email us at or call us (949) 536-7268

Step 1: Download and install the latest SADP Tool from Hikvision’s official website.

Hikvision Tools Download Link:

Step 2: Open the SADP tool and connect your device to the network.
While your device is connected to the network and powered on it should appear in the SADP tool. (Sometimes a device can take several minutes to fully power-up)
Next, select your device within the SADP tool by clicking the checkmark next to your device and navigate to the “forgot password” text as shown in the image above

Step 3: Generating and exporting a file.
Click the “Export” button as shown in the image below and save the XML file it generates somewhere safe on your computer.

Step 4: Contact and send the file to support.
Contact us at and attach the XML file created by the SADP tool to the email.

We will then generate and send you a new XML file linked to your device’s serial number that you may use to reset a device’s password within the SADP tool in step 5.

(Receiving the file from us make take up to a couple of hours. Feel free to step away after this point until you receive an email from us with your new file)

Step 5: Importing the file you received from support
Simply redo step 2 making sure to select the correct device.
This time click “Import File” and navigate to where you downloaded the file on your computer that you received from support as shown in the image below
Fill in your new password and click confirm!

If at any point during this process you need assistance. Please email us at or call us:

(949) 536-7268


Why is password resetting so difficult for Hikvision Devices?

Hikvision products are of high quality and cost-competitive when comparing with similar brands. After vulnerabilities revealed by Internet security organization, Hikvision released updates to fix it and your devices no matter if it’s an IP camera, DVR, or NVR are more secure, but it makes the password reset becomes a bit complex.

Below is a history of Hikvision password recovery mechanism, which includes some details about how we have improved the process over the past several years. 

  • Before 2015, Hikvision had a tool available to generate the security code for users who lost or forgot the password for their recorder. The tool enabled users to utilize SADP/4200 to plug-in the code to reset recorders. 

    • It is very important to note that the only two ways to reset a recorder password were: 1.) Through SADP/4200 and within the same local network, or 2.) To physically operate the reset menu with a mouse through the recorder’s local HDMI/VGA output. Either way, this reset cannot be done via the Internet. 

  • In April 2015, Hikvision introduced a new recovery mechanism, which provided an enhanced encrypted key that needed to be exported from the device by SADP/4200. The ability to physically operate the reset menu with a mouse through the recorder’s local HDMI/VGA output was maintained. We want to emphasize that cannot be done via the Internet; it has to be local through a mouse connected to the recorder. 

  • In October 2016, starting with the Hikvision DVR v3.4.80 and NVR v3.4.90, the local physical reset menu was also removed. At this time, Hikvision introduced the GUID key password recovery process. o The GUID encrypted key can be exported to provide user to reset the password only to the device. The GUID key is dedicated to the device; it cannot be used on any other device. o The GUID key expires after one use. The GUID key is not valid if the device has change the admin password since the exported of key.