13-21in Adjustable Ceiling Mount Stand for Security Camera Home Surveillance System

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Our Easy install AmSecu Universal Extendable Ceiling Camera Mount Bracket is made from Anti-Rust Aluminum with a white coating perfect for Indoor and Outdoor use. The mount is capable of extending from 13 inches to 21 inches in length. By default, the mount comes with our Universal Pendant Cap that works with most popular Hikvision Cameras including but not limited to DS-2CD2342WD-I, DS-2CD2343G0-I, DS-2CD2142FWD-I, DS-2CD2143G0-I, DS-2CD2042WD-I, DS-2CD2043G0-I. 


Expandable - Easily and Quickly adjust (13in-21in) the security camera ceiling mount to your desired length unlike other Hikvision Pendant Mount DS-1271ZJ-130-TRL, DS-1271ZJ-110.

INDOOR & OUTDOOR - Made of Metal and Aluminum Alloy, with white surface spray treatment. Easily run cables through the Conduit Pipe for a clean install.

UNIVERSAL PENDANT CAP - Compatible with most cameras with a base diameter smaller than 5.1/5. Additional Hikvision Pendant Caps CPM PC110, PC130, PC135, PC155 can be attached to the pole.

Popular Hikvision Compatible Cameras: DS-2CD2342WD-I, DS-2CD2343G0-I, DS-2CD2142FWD-I, DS-2CD2143G0-I, DS-2CD2042WD-I, DS-2CD2043G0-I

Additional Compatible Hikvision Camera Models: DS-2CD21xxFWD-IS, DS-2CD21x2F-I, DS-2CD21x2F-IWS, DS-2CE56C5T-IT1, DS-2CE56D1T-VPI, DS-2CE56D5T-IT3, DS-2CE56C2N-IT3, DS-2CD41xxFxx-IZ, DS-2CE56C5T-AVFIR, DS-2CE56D5T-AIRZ, DS-2CE56D5T-AVFIR, DS-2CE56D5T-AVPIR3ZH, DS-2CD27x2FWD-IZS, DS-2CD27x2F-I