Single Channel Passive Balun for CCTV, Support 4K Video With Built-In Transient Voltage Surge Protection

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  • Support Up To 4k And 5MP Video
  • Push-pin terminal block
  • Single Channel Passive Balun
  • Category Type: UPT Cat 5e/6
  • Built-In Transient Voltage Surge Protection


Operating Frequency: DC to 71MHz

Common-mode/Differential-mode rejection: 15KHz to 71MHz 60dB typ 

Impedance: Coax, Male BNC 75 unbalanced; UTP, push-pin terminal block 100 unbalanced.

Network Wiring: One Unshielded Twisted pair (for each video signal) 24-16 AWG (o.5-1.31mm) 

Category Type: UTP Cat 5e/6

Impedance: 100 +/- 20ohms

Video Input/Output: Male BNC Connector; Push-pin terminal block 

Surge Protection: Built-In Transient Voltage Surge Protection

Video Input: 2KV(common mode), 10/700us IEC61000-4-5/1955(GB/T 1726, 5-1999) 

Video Output: 2KV(differential mode), 10/700us IEC61000-4-5/1955(GB/T 1726, 5-1999)


Max Distance:
720P, 1080P, 3MP, 250m(820ft)
4MP, 5MP, 180m(590ft)

720P 440m(1443ft)
1080p 250m (820ft)
4MP, 4K, (200m (656ft) 

720P, 960p, 320m (1049ft)
1080p, 3MP 250m(820ft)
4MP 200m (656ft)
5mp 180m (590ft)

CVBS: 400m (1312ft)